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» 18.1: Reducing risk of injury
18.1: Reducing risk of injury

18.1: Avoiding lower back and shoulder injury/pain


Toes to bar, dumbbell hang clean and jerk and rowing!!!


The move to watch in this workout is the dumbbell hang clean and jerk for risk of injury.  You will do many repetitions, please take the time to do it properly as it only takes one bad repetition to be injured.


Part 1: Picking up the dumbbells to get to the hang position


Always take your time and set yourself up properly before lifting the weight. 


Part 2: Clean


When bending at the hips to initiate the clean, keep the back straight to generate more power and protect your back.

Keep the dumbbell as close to your body as possible.  This reduces the amount of stress put onto the lower back.


Part 3: Jerk

Keep the dumbbell straight above the shoulder at all times throughout the movement.  This protects you from straining your shoulder.

If you have any questions, please send me an email at elise.gervais.physio@gmail.com

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