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Finding the right type of exercise for your needs and goals

Depending on your fitness goals you will need to choose the appropriate modality/exercises to make progress. If your goal is to gain muscle, you will have to engage in some type of resistance training. If you want to improve your cardio, you will have to choose an exercise that will get your heart rate up like running or cycling etc. 

That being said you have to clearly define what your goals are so that you can choose the appropriate path. Some individuals have the idea that all workouts/ exercises will lead them to the destination of fitness. Unfortunately, fitness is not a destination as there are many different aspects of fitness. 

Strength, flexibility, endurance etc. These are different aspects of fitness which all require a complete different approach in order to improve. I’ve heard people say things like, I don’t need to train my legs because I build muscle running. This is false. You don’t build muscle running as it’s the not right stimulus for muscle growth. Running in an endurance based exercise, and therefore not all efficient at gaining leg muscle, but instead it would be used for improving the cardio respiratory system.

Also, I cannot just choose one exercise type and achieve total fitness. Is a marathon runner, who only trains by running truly fit? Well I’m sure their endurance, cardio may indicate that they are. However, if I was to take that athlete and have them try to lift a 1 rep max deadlift I’m sure that they would not appear “fit” in that domain. If you want to run marathons and that is all you want to do, that’s fine! However, if your goal is to be a fit person you need to focus on the multiple areas of fitness.

A balanced workout program will contain some resistance training as you NEED it to develop muscle mass/tone, strength and to correct imbalances. Some cardio in your routine will also be important to improving your cardiovascular health, as well as stretching/yoga for flexibility. The important thing to note is all of these different aspects of fitness when put together have a synergistic effect.

With more mobility it allows me to improve my range of motion. This allows me to improve how much muscle I can use / gain with resistance training. If I have more muscle mass, then I will lose weight/ fat fat more efficiently as muscle is what burns calories and subsequently fat. Many people just want to focus on the areas of fitness that they like. And they should ! You should be choosing exercises and workouts you like. 

If you like Zumba, great! Do Zumba. That’s a form of cardio that also improves coordination and teaches you some slick dance moves while you’re at it. But don’t expect you’re going to build some toned arms, legs and glutes from it, as resistance training is essential to improving muscle tone. If you want to learn how to take your existing favourite workouts and add new activities to help you achieve fitness, set up a an appointment with me and I will help guide you on the path to long lasting results!

Dave Trought 



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