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Identify your weaknesses and turn then into strengths

Everyone is going to be naturally better at some things over others. People also are going to enjoy things they feel confident in performing well. This applies to the gym and fitness on many levels. Some people don’t feel competent at the gym or working out at home, so that may be an initial barrier. If you’re willing to take the next step and start performing exercise you will find there are ones you enjoy more than others.

Why would I prefer some exercises over others ? Because your body has natural strengths and weaknesses. This is a result of the body’s adaptation to its surroundings, movement demands from work, lifestyle, body type, sport etc. The idea is people like to express their strengths. A fast runner likes to sprint. A strongman likes to bench press. But who likes to do the things they aren’t good at?

A good way to approach your own training is focus on correcting the imbalances that are causing weakness. I often joke to my clients and say

“if you wanted to create the the easiest/best workout program, just write down all the exercises you hate and aren’t good at. Now do them till you don’t hate them anymore and are competent at them.”

Once you’ve fixed some imbalances, improved movement proficiency/function, the exercises feel a lot easier and maybe a once hated exercise may turn into a favourite.

You’re always going to have exercises you enjoy more than others. Some play better to your background, body shape, body type etc. Doesn’t mean we can’t do things we like . We just want to explore our weaknesses as there is more to gain from improving those than something that is already strong. Sometimes many times improving our weaknesses will also lead to better expression of your strength! If you need help identifying your bodies weaknesses, book an appointment with me and I will gladly help you discover what areas you would benefit from addressing the most.

Dave Trought 



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