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Importance of Ergonomic set up at home.

As our new normal continues to be working from home- it is more important now than ever to understand the importance of having the correct workstation at home and abiding with a regular exercise program that helps in keeping things loose and pain free.


The right workstation is very subjective and needs to be planned keeping your particular needs in mind. This might include


  1. Adjusting Height of the desk
  2. Adjusting height of the chair
  3. Adjusting armrest height
  4. Adding a monitor/Adjusting the height of the monitor
  5. Adding an ergonomic mouse


Sitting at a workstation that might not being customized for you might result in


  1. Lower back pain/soreness
  2. Neck strain
  3. Shoulder impingement
  4. Tennis elbow
  5. Wrist strain


Points to remember when working from home

  1. Taking regular breaks
  2. Alternate position between sitting/standing
  3. Decompression of back when standing
  4. Taking time to work on stretches and strengthening
  5. And the most important : Listening to your body- If something is hurting, that is your body telling you that it needs help. Please Don't ignore the pain- address it!!!


Your Physiotherapist can help you understand the various aspects of Ergonomics and help you with addressing any issues that are restricting you from your activities of daily living!!!


If there are any questions- Please contact Aakriti Kaushik

Email- Aakriti.kaushik.Physio@gmail.com