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Importance of Resistance Training

In terms of creating a healthy body, building strength and postural stability is the most important thing. The best way to achieve this optimal state is to build muscle in areas that lack tone and function. Resistance training is a tool that is fundamental in restoring the bodies balance, improving muscle tone and improving a bodies function.

What are the downsides of resistance training? There are none. In fact there very well may be a lot of problems that do arise if you do not adopt resistance training program on some level. Resistance training comes in many forms including using free weights, bodyweight, bands and many others modalities. No matter which forms of resistance training you partake in, you will be benefiting your body. 

A good resistance training program is fundamental to a persons longevity. Its important in building healthy muscles, improve joint dexterity and help increase bone density. Resistance training can even help lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar and can have potent mood boosting and cognitive benefits.

 A good resistance training program should be based off of each individuals needs and goals, and tailored towards their body. With proper form and technique resistance training can fix muscular imbalances, improve movement, increase muscle tone, improve metabolism, improve posture, rehabilitate injuries, improve athletic performance etc. 

The key is to educate yourself with a professional that can teach you the proper way to design and execute a resistance training program. Ensuring safety, efficiency, proper technique and form are imperative to ensuring optimal results. Resistance training is the single most important modality in fitness. It provides the most benefit, progression and longevity to an individual. If you want to discover how you can implement a resistance training program contact me for more information.

Dave Trought