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Why to work with a Kinesiologist

 “Do I really need someone to show me how to workout or move properly? After all I know my body best. “

        The simple answer is yes. A kinesiologist has to spend at least four years in university and a lifetime afterwords to develop their skill set to help improve their clients movement, function and health.

       A kinesiologist learns in depth information about human anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, rehabilitation, training principles and techniques. This gives them the tools that can help their clients achieve optimal physical results. 

       Many people assume they know what’s best for their bodies, movement and health. Most people, however,  are not specifically educated on how to optimize the function of their own body. Would you try to change the engine in your own car if you were not a mechanic? Do you think you would fair well trying to extract your own tooth? After all your teeth are in your mouth.

      The fact is that most people do not have the specialization in human movement, biomechanics and best practices of training to even identify issues in their body let alone fix or optimize their body. A kinesiologist spends years studying the intricacies of human movement and development.

      A kinesiologist can identify muscular imbalances and movement dysfunction and create and execute a plan to help rehabilitate, correct imbalances and optimize performance.

Every individual has a unique body and their own specific needs in order to achieve the best results and optimal health. 

      Following an online program your friend found online might be convenient and cheap, but 1) if it works for your friend it may not work for you 2) you often get what you pay for. Each client/patient has a specific plan that will work for their bodies to get their desired results. So working with a kinesiologist can take the guess work and confusion out of training and help to improve movement and results. 

      So if you’ve ever felt aches and pains that never seem to go away, working with a kinesiologist might be right for you. If you’ve ever felt lost on a gym or with a workout program, working with a kinesiologist might be right for you. If you ever wanted to take your fitness and performance to the next level, working with a kinesiologist may be right for you. 

      Book a consult with me and I will help you discover how your body works, break down your movement and explain the best path that you should take to get true results. If you feel like you are ready to the take the first step or next step in improving and/ or optimizing your body, we can work together to achieve whatever goals you set yourself.

Dave Trought 



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