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Finding the right type of exercise for your needs and goals

Depending on your fitness goals you will need to choose the appropriate modality/exercises to make progress. If your goal is to gain muscle, you will have to engage in some type of resistance training. If you want to improve your cardio, you will have to choose an exercise that will get your heart rate up like running or cycling etc.  That being said you have to clearly define what your goals are so that you can choose the appropriate path. Some individuals have the idea that all workout...
Posted on 2021-06-13

Importance of Resistance Training

In terms of creating a healthy body, building strength and postural stability is the most important thing. The best way to achieve this optimal state is to build muscle in areas that lack tone and function. Resistance training is a tool that is fundamental in restoring the bodies balance, improving muscle tone and improving a bodies function. What are the downsides of resistance training? There are none. In fact there very well may be a lot of problems that do arise if you do not adopt re...
Posted on 2021-05-13

Do I really need to see a pelvic health physio if I see my gynecologist regularly?

“Why should I see a pelvic health physio? Wouldn’t my gynecologist or family doctor be able to tell me if something was wrong down there?”  I get this question a lot, which is completely fair. It’s a bit of a complicated question to answer though, because the answer is both yes and no… Yes, your doctor is able to tell you if something is “wrong” down there. Outside of an obvious medical issue like a prolapse or infection though, they may not ...
Posted on 2021-05-13


The main reason people purchase personal training sessions is accountability. This was one of the first and best lessons I’ve learned in over a decade of training experience. As much as we have needs and goals to achieve, it can be hard to facilitate those goals into action. Here enters personal training.  Your personal trainer will hold you accountable to your health and fitness goals. It can be hard to get yourself out of bed, pack up the gym bag, drive to the gym, workout for an...
Posted on 2021-04-20

Mobility vs Stability

I often look at my clients as either mobility centric clients or stability centric clients. First we must discuss what is mobility and stability. Mobility is the ability to move freely and easily. That means that we move without restriction. We can move from point A to point B without compensating.As human beings we are amazing at adapting. However, if we stop expressing certain ranges of motion (e.g. squatting, hinging etc) then eventually we will develop compensatory movement patterns that w...
Posted on 2021-03-19
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