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Identify your weaknesses and turn then into strengths

Everyone is going to be naturally better at some things over others. People also are going to enjoy things they feel confident in performing well. This applies to the gym and fitness on many levels. Some people don’t feel competent at the gym or working out at home, so that may be an initial barrier. If you’re willing to take the next step and start performing exercise you will find there are ones you enjoy more than others.Why would I prefer some exercises over others ? Because your...
Posted on 2021-07-14

How to reduce the risk of injury for the CrossFit Open 2018

CrossFit Athletes!!! Tip: Stretching should feel very comfortable and relaxing.  If you push a stretch, you put yourself at risk of pulling something C) Rolling: If after decreasing the heart rate and static stretching, a muscle still feels very tight, then you might need to gently roll it with a ball or foam roller.  This is not the type of rolling where you are cringing, this is just to help the muscle calm down.   I hope these tips will help keep you strong and healthy....
Posted on 2018-02-05

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