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Modern Sports Physio and Wellness Centre, providing physiotherapy in Orleans, Ontario, is built on the philosophy of care that we will keep you going or get your going as quickly as possible after an injury or condition that impacts your mobility.

“We know that some athletes and weekend warriors don’t get the physiotherapy they really need because they are afraid they will be told they have to stop everything they enjoy for many weeks or even months,” says owner Élise Gervais.

“We are conscious of how upsetting such a directive is. What we want to achieve with our clients is to get them back in the game as quickly as possible without interrupting what they love to do. Whenever there is an option to modify instead of stop, that’s what we do.”

All our customized physiotherapy services are delivered by our trained and experienced physiotherapists one-on-one in a private room. We take a manual therapy approach to healing, focusing on quickly reducing or eliminating pain and then restoring movement to your normal level of activity.

We are experienced in treating sports injuries and orthopedic injuries as well as back and neck pain and post-surgical rehabilitation. We are certified to offer dry-needling. We also assist motor vehicle accident patients.

Founded in 2017, our staff brings years of experience and specialized training from a variety of health settings and a host of special certifications to serve you.


Our Team

Élise Gervais, Physiotherapist and owner

A passion for active living and a deep desire to help people overcome their pain guided Élise Gervais into her career as a physiotherapist.

She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Sciences from Laurentian University and then completed a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Ottawa.

A continual learner, the bilingual Élise believes it is vital to the successful care and treatment of her patients that she stays up on the latest evidence-based therapies in her field.

That has translated to her gaining her diploma in advanced orthopedic care (manual and manipulative physiotherapy – level 1), studying the Mulligan Concept (upper quadrant), and studying introductory level trigger point dry-needling, soft tissue release techniques, advanced level of intramuscular manual therapy (dry needling), dynamic neuromuscular stabilization according to Kolar (Part 1 and 2), rehabilitation of athletes with Dr. Craig Liebenson, the sports thorax (the thoracic ring approach), mastering the shoulder, understanding the relationship between the thorax and the pelvis using the integrated systems model, introduction to medical imagery in physiotherapy, and neurokinetic therapy, level 1.

She has also taken a pelvic floor workshop with Kerri Morrison-McCabe and a concussion management workshop.

She endeavours to widen her repertoire of treatment techniques by attending courses and pursuing new certifications each year.

She is a firm believer in hands-on treatments to work inflamed tissue and address root causes of pain.

In addition to her academic expertise, Élise is an experienced athlete. As a secondary student she played varsity basketball, soccer, volleyball and competed in track and field, cross-country running, swimming and rowing as well as a biathlon with the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets.

She has carried her passion for sport into her adult life, continuing to play recreational volleyball as well as exploring new sports like hockey and softball.

She is also an experienced instructor in the area of sports and fitness, having taught swimming and Aquafit for nine years.

She was formerly a co-owner of a CrossFit gym and has been actively involved in the CrossFit community and growing the sport.

She has also pursued her instructor certification in both CrossFit Gymnastics and CrossFit Kids to better deliver her rehabilitation programs.

“I believe people need to live life actively at every age and I want to help them be able to do that,” she says.

Natasha Tétreault, Physiotherapist

Natasha Tétreault firmly believes that pelvic floor dysfunction deserves it’s turn in the spotlight, not hidden away, forgotten, where people are too embarrassed to talk about it. With 1 in 3, possibly even 1 in 2 women experiencing some kind of pelvic floor issue in their lifetime, most women know at least one other person suffering in silence just like them.

“Urine loss and pelvic pain, especially after pregnancy or during menopause, is common, sure. But that doesn’t mean it should be considered a normal or inevitable part of a woman’s life. We just assume it’s normal, so we don’t talk about it,” she says.

Natasha stumbled upon the field of physiotherapy kind of by accident when she was searching for a way to use the knowledge acquired from her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology (McGill 2008) in a practical, meaningful way. She completed her Master’s degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Ottawa in 2010, but quickly realized that she was not drawn to conventional orthopedic physiotherapy.

During her 6 years spent training clients with complex neurological conditions in a private rehab setting, she became unexpectedly interested in women’s health due in part to some her clients who had associated pelvic floor dysfunction, but also after having two children of her own. In fact, she was so interested in learning about how physiotherapy can treat pelvic floor dysfunction that she used her second maternity leave to take three courses on the subject! She struck out on a new career path, for 2 years at her previous clinic and now with the Modern Sports team.

She has completed levels 1-3 of the Uro-Santé pelvi-perineal rehab courses under Marie-José Lord, PT and Claudia Brown, PT. She looks forward to taking more advanced courses in pre- and post-natal care and pelvic pain management, as well as pessary fitting.

At the center of Natasha’s approach to treatment is a focus on educating and empowering her clients to take control of an issue that often seems overwhelming. Soft tissue release, breathing and relaxation exercises as well as functional strengthening exercises round out her treatment arsenal.

“It’s rewarding work. And I look forward to the day when pelvic floor physiotherapy becomes more accessible, even standard care post-partum in Canada.

Vicki Wong, Physiotherapist

Vicki is a graduate of Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. Before completing her Physiotherapy degree, she had completed a BSc in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. With a love of research, she went back after practicing for a few years to complete a MSc in Human Kinetics and is currently working on completing PhD in Neurosciences at Carleton University. Her PhD work is focused on the prolonged symptoms of concussion in adults (Please note that she does not treat concussions clinically).

As a Physiotherapist, Vicki is determined to help her clients get back to the activity they love! She has spent a lot of her career working with orthopedic and sport injuries which led to achieving a Certificate of Sport Physiotherapy from Sport Physiotherapy Canada. Vicki likes to focus on education, exercise, and manual therapy/soft tissue work.

Vicki has also spent a lot of time expanding her knowledge and skills treating concussions. After experiencing long symptoms with her own concussion, Vicki can emphasize well with clients and has the experience to guide you on your recovery. She uses a variety of treatment techniques including education, exercise, oculomotor therapy, balance training, vestibular treatment, and neurostimulation.

Originally from New Brunswick, Vicki has a calm, laid-back Maritimer-style. She is always happy to talk hockey and tennis! She spends the rest of her spare time enjoying the sights of Ottawa and playing with her adorable dog, Becker.

Vicki provides treatment in English.

David Trought, Kinesiologist 

David developed a passion for health and fitness at a young age. David followed this passion to the University of Ottawa where he later graduated with a degree in Human Kinetics.

David has been training and educating as a personal trainer/ fitness coach for the better part of a decade. He first worked at Goodlife for 5 years before starting Dave Trought Fitness. in 2017. He later trained at Movati after setting roots in the area.

David has since become a registered Kinesiologist, and Fascial Stretch Therapist (FST). He has extensive work with rehabilitation and corrective movement. He views movement as medicine.

Along with being a registered Kinesiologist and certified FST therapist, David is a certified Lv1 Crossfit coach, certified Olympic lifting coach, certified small group training specialist and has experience training for police/ military testing, sport specific training along with many other training modalities.

David uses functional movement, with a strong focus on movement education. He takes a holistic approach to health and believes in progression not perfection.

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