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Could this common condition be the cause of your bladder leaks? There is a very common condition that most people probably wouldn’t ever associate with bladder leaks or incontinence… about 20% of the general population have it. The likelihood of developing it increases with age, especially in women. Most pregnant or post-partum mamas get it… Have you guessed what it is yet...?  If you guessed constipation, then you are correct! It seems counterintuitive, ri...
Posted on 2021-11-10
Earlier this summer, I saw a teenaged patient who came in because of pelvic pain and I was impressed by how open and unashamed she was when speaking about her body and her symptoms. I’m so happy to see a new generation of girls and women who are empowered and advocating for themselves. It got me thinking about my own daughter and the things I want to instill in her... 1. It’s not gross or taboo to talk about, it’s important! From a young age, we have made sure that both of ou...
Posted on 2021-08-14
Everyone is going to be naturally better at some things over others. People also are going to enjoy things they feel confident in performing well. This applies to the gym and fitness on many levels. Some people don’t feel competent at the gym or working out at home, so that may be an initial barrier. If you’re willing to take the next step and start performing exercise you will find there are ones you enjoy more than others.Why would I prefer some exercises over others ? Because your...
Posted on 2021-07-14
Depending on your fitness goals you will need to choose the appropriate modality/exercises to make progress. If your goal is to gain muscle, you will have to engage in some type of resistance training. If you want to improve your cardio, you will have to choose an exercise that will get your heart rate up like running or cycling etc.  That being said you have to clearly define what your goals are so that you can choose the appropriate path. Some individuals have the idea that all workout...
Posted on 2021-06-13
In terms of creating a healthy body, building strength and postural stability is the most important thing. The best way to achieve this optimal state is to build muscle in areas that lack tone and function. Resistance training is a tool that is fundamental in restoring the bodies balance, improving muscle tone and improving a bodies function. What are the downsides of resistance training? There are none. In fact there very well may be a lot of problems that do arise if you do not adopt re...
Posted on 2021-05-13
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